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Roomfriends right now

The breakup is hitting me hard especially because I really saw them as everything a relationship is supposed to be

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i lost count of how many times i watched this miniclip i made for myself so decided to share it with you guys

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"Summary of the Ness fandom’s reaction to the final conversation leading up to Nick and Jess’ official break up/post-break up angst"


 Jess: “I don’t want you to be that guy, I want you to be yourself”!

Nick: “And I want you to be yourself”.

Jess: *awkward face* “Are we…”?


Nick: *immediately snort laughs*

"NO! I love you!"

Jess: “Well I love you too”!

Nick: “More that I’ve ever loved anybody”!


Jess: “I love you too, but what if that’s the only thing we have in common”?


Watching Jess’ face crumpling with despair/desperation and Nick’s face falling in resignation/defeat:

Nick:  ”I miss my friend”.

Jess: “I really miss my friend too”.


Nick: “So what does that mean? Are we…”?

Jess: “Yeah”.

Nick and Jess’ faces/looks given to each other and their body language towards each other throughout the whole thing:

Nick and Jess instinctively raising their arms at the same time to touch each other for comfort, but realizing the significance of what they just decided to do, forcing themselves to stop and awkwardly trying to figure out what to do with their hands:

Jess tugging on Nick’s arm, abruptly pulling him in and flailing her arms around his neck for that intense hug, with Nick automatically giving into it, wrapping his arms around her waist, and burying his face into her neck, while Jess is crying and gripping her fingers tightly into the back of his shirt to pull him closer, never wanting to let him go: 


Nick decides to do a military salute. Jess responds with finger guns. And being hit with the heavy implication of those gestures:

Realizing how the hug scene completely paralleled/mirrored the ‘Cooler’ kiss scene, right down to the clothing, location, and staging: 



They better explain what the hell happened to cause this breakup that seemingly happened out of nowhere.  All this buildup throughout the season of Nick and Jess being perfect for each other, working through their issues, and accepting each others’ flaws…yet they just give up? Unacceptable. This reunion better be epic.

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"Goodnight, honey."

- And then I cried forever and ever and ever. (via kyrafic)
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"Goodnight, honey."

- And then I cried forever and ever and ever. (via kyrafic)
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You know who’s probably even more pissed about this?


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